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In a world full of opportunities we strive to deliver you the best service possible. Right around the block in Sloane square we are there for you to bring you the best experience in cleaning and household services. The end of your tiring days of cleaning and sanitising is finally coming! There is no need to hesitate any longer, because the vetted workers of Voila Cleaners Sloane Square are here to take the burden of your shoulders and finally let you spend the quality leisure time you deserve! We are here to show you that we can and we will make you love your home again!

Cleaning Services Sloane Square

In our company we don’t take any excuses to satisfy our customers. So that is why we aim to provide the best quality and quantity at the same time. We possess all kinds of services to satisfy every need of the happy customer. Like if you need your home to be regularly clean and tidy there is the domestic cleaning service for you. In which case we would send a worker on a regular weekly or fortnightly basis to your place and he would be taking the burden off your chest so you can enjoy your spare time with your family or friends.

Sloane Square

Another great service we provide is the office cleaning we provide. It is a service designed for people who can’t make the time to clean their working environment. Our employees come in your office, gym, pub, studio or any other working place and clean anything you need from floors to even gear and hardware like PC’s and other machinery.

The next option of Voila Cleaners Sloane Square is the one-off cleaning where we are most flexible and accurate. That is the option you design yourself, consisting of how many workers you need and for how many hours (with a minimum of 3). You can decide where to clean what, and what attention to be paid to different areas of the property. In addition you can request other services included in that one depending on what you need.

Moving on to the following service of our company which is the spring cleaning. Here you can observe what is truly a fully deep sanitised and cleaned home. That is the option for each home to go through given the fact that it is guaranteed and has no time limit to the job, and if we miss one spot, and you are not satisfied with it our workers will be back to make things right for free. An easy and secure way to prepare your home for the upcoming summer, or any other events in your daily life.

In Voila Cleaners Sloane Square we provide so many opportunities and here is another one that can really come at handy. Since it is a must when a renting property is being left or entered for the first time we have the beginning/end of tenancy cleaning service that provides great help for the landlords. It is a service that is also guaranteed and has no time limit, meaning the workers are getting at it until the job is done and everything is left just the way it was before.

Other great choice for the satisfied customers is the carpet cleaning option. An amazing way to finally get rid of the old carpet stains and return them back to their previous beauty and clarity. Anything that can make its mark on your carpet like residual hair, pet hair, food stains, makeup stains and etc will be vanquished by our new steam based technology that leaves no stain behind.

And since we are talking about floors and carpets the eye naturally comes up to the surrounding furniture. That is where the upholstery cleaning service comes in. In that case any upholstery containing stains from any house hold accidents or simply everyday life will be renewed in a beautiful and smell free way, giving you the pleasure of the new piece of furniture you once bought!

Another great service that Voila Cleaners Sloane Square provides is the after builders cleaning. In that case when you have had your house renovated or any other building or carpentry work done; our employees will be coming in for the save. Any kind of building waste can be demolished from cement and dust to paint and other kind of toxic materials.

Serving the next great feature of our company with the best way there is. The oven cleaning service will give you an amazing way to take back some of the free time you always waste on boring cleaning of the kitchen stove, refrigerator or washing machine. In this scenario our workers are extra careful when cleaning your kitchen appliances with new multilevel technology that gives your gear the look of brand new bought items. Whether you are a caring housewife or too busy for the kitchen our vetted workers at Voila Cleaners Sloane Square will make your day easier giving you the free time you deserve.

And last but not least is the property maintenance service, which specialises in fixing anything in your home that needs to be fixed. Our handymen are vetted and experienced with any kind of work that needs to be done. Anything from carpentry to pluming and many more would be their pleasure to help with in a caring and guaranteed way.